Website design By BotEap.comMy favorite writing style is historical fiction. Since John Jakes had such a large collection of American books that he had written, and I enjoyed his novels so much, I set out to read everything I could find ambitiously. The first series I read was Kent Family Saga and it turned out to be my favorite. I read all eight volumes in the series starting with “Bastard.”

Website design By BotEap.comPhilippe Charbonneau, born with his mother’s maiden name, later took his father’s name and Americanized it to Philip Kent when he was first in America. He had grown up in France. His actress mother, Marie, had had an affair with a British nobleman and Philip grew up not knowing the truth. He was raised in rather poor condition in his mother’s French country inn. Marie had wished that her son would one day be reunited with his rich dad in England. The duke had sent some support over the years, but the father and son had never met.

Website design By BotEap.comOnce the truth came out as he entered adulthood, the mother and son left for merry England. Although the duke was not at home when they arrived, they met his half brother and stepmother. Neither of them got along. The unfriendly brother and his wicked stepmother had no other part of the inheritance. The two brothers fought. The duke did not realize that Philip and his mother were being persecuted. The wife of Philip’s brother, however, had an interest in Philip and soon began a secret adventure when Philip stayed in the area for a time, waiting for a piece of the property.

Website design By BotEap.comFinally, they were expelled from the country by the brother, the stepmother and their employees. Marie was heartbroken that her dream was over. Felipe wanted to seek his fortune in the new land and hoped to do so in the printing business. His anguished mother died on the way to the new world and was buried in the sea. Philip lost what little money he had left and arrived in the United States alone and penniless.

Website design By BotEap.comPhilip discovered that Boston and the colonies were ready for revolt when he arrived. They were in protest to the mother country against the unjust taxes that were applied to the colonies. He falls under the spell of influential men like Sam Adams, Ben Franklin, Paul Revere, and the other pre-revolutionary figures. He was also involved in the initial dissension, he was the lawyer father of his first love, Anne. They started the Kent family lineage and when she died, he had more children with Peggy. Philip puts his brother back in America, now a British Army officer, as well as his widow, after Philip fought him a second time. She tried to restart the romance with him without success.

Website design By BotEap.comIt’s action packed and continues through the second novel “The Rebel.” In the second novel, he will participate in the American Revolution. As it happens, he runs into Lafayette, whom he had met during his French childhood.

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