Website design By BotEap.comAnd what a happy union it is! Why is it so important to incorporate the Law of Attraction into your marketing plan and copywriting? It could mean the difference of millions or thousands of dollars… The difference between clients and lifetime clients… If you think the Law of Attraction is only for dreamers, think again. Let me tell you why.

Website design By BotEap.comBy now, I’m sure most of you have heard of the Law of Attraction. It has come to the attention of the general public due in large part to “The Secret”, and many people have latched onto this truth and started living their lives accordingly. However, there will always be skeptics and those who would never think of integrating a seemingly idealistic theory into their personal lives, let alone their professional environment.

Website design By BotEap.comI, on the other hand, wholeheartedly believe and practice the law of attraction and believe it has a very significant presence in business. Properly harnessed and employed, it can make the difference between “being” in business and “thriving” in business.

Website design By BotEap.comOn the surface, it may seem like the two have nothing to do with each other. Vision boards, positive thoughts, and daily gratitude exercises are all great ideas and inspirational concepts, but how can they be applied to a corporate setting? Surely you and your employees won’t be sitting in board rooms crafting vision boards from magazine clippings. Although, maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Website design By BotEap.comBut let’s think about this on a deeper level. “Thoughts become things.” “What you put into the world you get back.” To start, let’s take your product or your service. In his field, he strives to provide his clients, his clients and the world with the best possible product or service that is within their reach. I hope you do, anyway. Think about your end user and how they will benefit from what you do. Hopefully, their lives will be at least a little better because you’ve solved their problem.

Website design By BotEap.comThis is true even if you make something simple like dental floss. The core of what a floss maker does is create a product that improves a person’s self-esteem. Think about it. If you think that good floss simply removes food from people’s teeth more comfortably and effectively than another brand, think again. (But that’s another article.)

Website design By BotEap.comThe higher the quality of the product you offer, the better return you will receive. If you see yourself in the business of helping people, you’re already one step ahead of the competition. If you think you’re in the business of flossing, selling life insurance, or repairing cars, you’re wrong. You are thinking too superficially and you will never get the return you are looking for in your business.

Website design By BotEap.comOffer good service and you will get good business. But this is only the first step. Many people provide good service and make a great product without making a profit equal to the value they provide. The Law of Attraction is at work again, this time in your marketing copy specifically.

Website design By BotEap.comThis is where a good product or service can go wrong: in the presentation. Remember that you are in the business of helping people. Somehow, “what you do” exists to help people. But if you don’t tell them, they don’t know. And if you don’t tell them the right way, they won’t listen to you.

Website design By BotEap.comWords are essentially thoughts. These thoughts are going to manifest into things. Therefore, it is imperative that these words are good, precise and directed at your target customer. When your company is obsessed with its customer, when the customer is all you think about, you will attract that customer. When you try to entice your customer with promotional language, lofty descriptions of yourself, and vague claims, that’s what you’ll get. It’s more dangerous than you think when you choose your words carelessly.

Website design By BotEap.comPromotion-based (or “hype”) language will have customers looking for promotions, deals, and offers, not YOUR specific services. And when you run out of promotions, deals and offers, your customers will scatter like ants once the spilled soda is cleaned up. Loyalty will be much more difficult to achieve.

Website design By BotEap.comMere descriptions of your services will get customers looking for those services, but they won’t find your “ideal” customer. And when YOUR list of services, the headers that say YOUR services are the best, and YOUR qualifications and experience are placed next to one of your competitors, there will be nothing to separate you. If the client chooses you, it will be by chance, leaving business that could be guaranteed at stake.

Website design By BotEap.comIndicate what you want. Tell your audience exactly what you can do for them in language they understand. Use the exact language they would use. Trade as if you were your customer. Don’t assume you know your customer until you talk to him. You may find that you are asking for a consumer that does not exist.

Website design By BotEap.comIf the goal of your marketing and copywriting is to get business, you’re thinking about the wrong thing. Contrary to appearances, the goal of “doing business” is negative thinking. It implies that you are not getting enough business. That you need “something” or “more”.

Website design By BotEap.comWhat you should be thinking is, “How can we help our client better than we do now?” or “How can we best convey to our target audience how much we can help them?” If you believe in what you offer and genuinely feel like you can help people in some way, and you don’t tell them, you’re essentially stealing from them.

Website design By BotEap.comConstantly think about your “ideal” client. Please them and then talk to them like a friend; they will come. You will have attracted them.

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