Liposuction Cannulas and Their Models

There are several different liposuction cannula models and names. The Blugerman II and Blugerman III are the most commonly used liposuction cannula designs. Both feature a single suction port and raised holes on top. Other popular cannula styles include the Basket, which has a spiral-patterned tip, the Candy Cane, and the Toledo Dissctor.

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There are many liposuction cannula types, and each has unique characteristics. The most common are suction cannulas, aspiration cannulas, and infiltration cannulas. Some of the most popular patterns include Las Vegas, Basket, Mercedes, and Lamis. The other two main types are straight and anodized blue. The most common cannulas for liposuction are made of stainless steel tubing.

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The names of these tubes can vary, but they all have a common purpose: to deliver the tumescent solution. This helps minimize the amount of local anesthetic that is applied. Another advantage is that the cannulas are ergonomically designed so they can be maneuvered without damaging the tissues. A cannula can be used on both upper and lower body areas, and different sizes can be used to treat uneven areas.

The different types of liposuction cannula are divided into different categories. Microcannulas are less than 2.2 mm in inside diameter. An ID of 12 gauge hypodermic needle is equivalent to 2.2 mm. The microcannulas are made from standard hypodermic needle tubing, while larger cannulas have thicker walls.

Liposuction Cannulas and Their Models and Names

Liposuction cannulas are commonly used in the procedure. The two most common types are the suction cannula and the infiltration cannula. Infiltration cannulas, as the name suggests, have the highest level of resistance. However, the suction cannulas are generally the most suitable for liposuction performed under local anesthesia.

Liposuction cannulas are available in a wide range of sizes. Initially, they were described by their diameter, which was eight millimeters or 24 French. Today, they are more common than ever in both size and shape. These types are ideal for removing fat from stubborn areas. They are often used for fat removal and liposuction. A small microcannula is designed for superficial use. A microcannula is used for deep-tissue fat removal.

The microcannula has two distinct types. A microcannula has a long, linear slot along the distal end, while a large cannula is flexible and movable, allowing it to be manipulated with very little force. A larger cannula can be used in areas where larger cannulas cannot be used effectively. A microcannula is a better choice for patients who want to reduce their fat deposits.

The 16-gauge microcannulas are excellent for areas with minimal fat or small liponots. The smallest and lightest cannulas are generally used in areas with larger fat pockets. While they are not widely used, they are very effective for small-tissue areas. The smallest of these two is commonly used for arm and thigh liposuction.

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