Student Accommodation in Hull

There are many different types of student accommodation in Hull, some of which include private rented houses or rooms, university halls of residence and homestay options. Each of these will offer you a range of facilities and features that will make your stay as comfortable as possible. The type of accommodation that is right for you will depend on your preferences and budget, but you should be able to find something to suit you.

Depending on the type of Hull student accommodation that you choose, you may be sharing your space with other students. If you are living in a hall of residence then there will be shared kitchens and bathrooms on each floor, as well as common areas where you can relax with friends. Depending on your preference, you might also choose to live in a private house or flat where you will have your own bedroom and bathroom.

If you want to be close to the campus then you will probably want to stay in university halls of residence. They are usually within a short walk from the lecture theatres and have on-site staff to help you with any problems that you might have. Private rented housing is often further away from the university, but this can be a good thing as it means that you will have a break from the hustle and bustle of the city centre and the campus.

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Student Accommodation in Hull – What Type of Accommodation is Right For You?

You will also be able to choose between catered or self-catered student housing. Both will offer you a comfortable place to stay but the catering option will mean that your meals will be cooked for you and ready for you to eat. You can expect to pay more for this type of accommodation but it will save you time and hassle as you won’t have to think about preparing your own meals.

One of the best things about student housing in Hull is that it is really easy to get around. You can walk or cycle to most places, and the bus service is really reliable and cheap. You can also use the student 10 Trip card which will give you a discount on all your transport costs.

Located on Cottingham Road, the Hull student accommodation from Accommodation Warehouse is just 9-minutes’ walk from the University of Hull, so you can reach your lectures without any delay. There is a Café Licious nearby so you can grab your morning coffee on the way to class, and the campus library is just a stone’s throw away if you need to work between classes.

The quality of student accommodation directly affects students’ personal development and well-being. A comfortable and safe living space nurtures mental health and reduces stress and anxiety levels. Many on-campus accommodations offer access to counseling services and wellness programs, contributing to students’ emotional well-being and resilience.

The Courtyard is part of a massive PS200m investment by the university in new facilities, student services and accommodation. It will include five separate accommodation blocks based around two courtyards and a total of 540 high quality en-suite rooms. The building was designed by Hull-based Sewell Construction and is due for completion in September 2019. The apartments will be a mixture of en suite rooms, cluster flats and studios with high quality furnishings and all bills included.

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