He’s a little older now, his hair is graying a little, or a lot, and he’s a little slower than it used to be.

But you love him more than ever and you need a Christmas present for him this year and you’re completely out of great Christmas gift ideas.

Here are the 7 best Christmas ideas for an older man.

1. An LP to iPod converter. If you’re like me, you still have a secret LP stash tucked away somewhere that you love to listen to, but you don’t anymore because your gear is broken or just too old.

How about a turntable that converts your LPs into a format for playing on an iPod or Nano, with software to help eliminate those annoying pops and cracks that are so common on LPs?

2. An iPod or Nano. Most likely, it doesn’t make sense to give you a turntable to convert your old LPs into a format to play on your iPod or Nano, because you don’t have one. Get him an iPod and he’ll understand why kids love them so much.

Or get him numbers 1 and 2 for his Christmas present and he can listen to his old LPs wherever he wants.

3. A 35mm slide or negative-to-digital converter. So you can convert all your old slides and negatives to digital format. Digital photos are very useful, there are so many things you can do with them. And you can convert some or all of your old slides and negatives to digital, upload them all to your computer, and they’ll all be there, ready for a slide show.

4. A gutter cleaning robot. You are now a bit beyond climbing the roof and would rather hire someone else to clean all those gutter leaves.

Why not save her money and get her a gutter cleaner robot for Christmas? Cleans leaves, twigs and dirt from your gutters. Designed by US Army robotics specialists, it is controlled by a handheld remote control and runs on rechargeable batteries.

5. A peaceful progression alarm clock. Instead of the rude awakening you probably get from your alarm clock / radio, there is now an easier way. Half an hour before waking up, the clock begins to glow slightly, slowly lights up and warms up releasing aromatherapy scents into the bedroom atmosphere. Then a slow rise in personally chosen sounds of nature, culminating in an alarm upon waking.

The perfect Christmas gift for the man who has earned the right to a peaceful awakening. And it can work in reverse to encourage you to sleep if you don’t sleep as well as you used to.

6. An acoustic ear warmer. Like me, you probably don’t hear as well as you used to and feel the cold more than before. Give her ear warmers that allow her to hear clearly. Designed to allow sound to pass through so it doesn’t always ask you to repeat what you said.

And suggestion number 7 for a great Christmas gift idea for your favorite older man this Christmas. A remote controlled beverage cart.

It is a scale model buggy that has holders for 2 16oz cans or bottles of your favorite beverage. He holds up the remote control and sends the buggy to the fridge, where one of his willing accomplices puts his 2 drinks to return it to him. It’s a laugh and allows you to consume whatever you want to drink without getting up from your chair. After all, he has earned it.

Now there are 7 pretty unique Christmas gift ideas for the older man this year. So I don’t want to hear excuses that you can’t come up with a single idea, okay?

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