The garden of Eden and the four keys to dominating the market

Website design By BotEap.comI spent years trying to study world monopolists and incredibly wealthy men to discover the secrets to dominating the market. Then one day, I heard Dr. Myles Munroe preach on Genesis 1:28 and was blown away by the obvious ‘secrets’ to market dominance in that single verse. I was stunned when I finally realized that God had actually given Adam and Eve the recipes to dominate the market all the way back to the Garden of Eden!

Website design By BotEap.comIn Genesis 1:28 we saw the secrets clearly revealed when God said to the newly created Adam and Eve: “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over every living being that moves on the earth.” A careful reading of Genesis 1:28 actually contained the recipes for achieving dominance and monopoly in any business venture.

Website design By BotEap.comAfter identifying the surprisingly simple steps, I checked the practices of each monopolist and market dominator against them and found that they hold true across industries or calls. Every successful businessman who has achieved total dominance in his market followed these four steps. These four keys are very easy to understand from the passage. Get these four keys and you will open the door to market dominance in any industry!

Website design By 1: THE KEY TO FRUIT- The first commandment of God to Adam and Eve was that they should be FRUIT. This is the genesis of market dominance. You must have an original idea. You must create something new (fertility is the products that come out of the hard soil to the surface!). You can’t just be a copycat. You must have a defined niche and a fresh approach or a new application of a product, idea or thought. Microsoft. Apple.CNN. Walmart. Pastor Adeboye from RCCG. Kodak. AMAZON. GOOGLE. Ford, UPS, etc. they were all innovators of new ideas or new approaches to what is already underway. Look at the leader of any industry. They were fruitful in a way that the market cannot deny. They were FRUIT in an original way. They were productive in an innovative way. Everything starts and ends with an original idea. ‘Fecundity’ is the first key to market dominance. The question that we should all take time to answer in prayer and fasting is: What is my ‘fruitfulness’? What original idea has God given me? What new approach can I bring to a crowded market? This is the first key. Without this key, the Kingdompreneur is destined for a life of mediocrity or mere sufficiency. Abundance cannot happen without ‘fruitfulness’

Website design By 2 THE KEY TO MULTIPLICATION: God told them to MULTIPLY. Multiplication involves the mass production and reproduction of an idea. It is about creating a system that allows the idea of ​​a prototype to be transferred to several copies for consumption. It involves thinking beyond local or immediate use. It implies that the idea is duplicated in different offices, locations and means. Until you learn to multiply your ‘fruit’ or idea, you can never dominate the market. This is the second step to achieving market dominance. A look at the champions of all industries will confirm this astonishing fact. Pastor Adeboye found a way to MULTIPLY the ‘fruit’ of evangelism and church planting by creating the Model Parish system that transformed the RCCG church from less than 100 parishes when it became GO to more than 30,000 parishes with more than 12 million followers in less than 20 years. Bill Gates took the market away from IBM by finding better ways to multiply the operating system. Ford took the auto industry to another level and rose to dominance by mass producing cars that everyone can buy. Google revolutionized the advertising industry with its pay-per-click search engine that makes Internet advertising accessible from any computer in the world. Amazon took over the bookstore by globalizing the bookstore and making the books available for purchase by everyone around the world at the same time. You cannot be a dominator or a monopoly until you find a way to mass produce the ‘fruit’.

Website design By 3 THE KEY TO RESTORATION – God then ordained that after Adam and Eve have reached fruitfulness and discovered how to multiply, the next step is REPLACEMENT. Replenishment involves the distribution of the multiplied fruits to the final consumer. To become a dominant force, you must live to control the distribution system. A multiplied product is useless. Many great ideas never reach their potential because the creators could not dominate and control the source of distribution of the ‘fruits’, the product or the idea. This is the third inescapable key to market dominance for any business person. This key explains why an industry like Nollywood (Nigeria’s much-acclaimed film industry) has yet to achieve world breakthrough in its potential demands. We have mastered the “fertility” part (we pioneered and mastered the low-budget movie theater with cheap video cameras. This was so groundbreaking that even Hollywood and Bollywood sent people to study the phenomenon. I know this because I met some of these astonished researchers from the United States). We also mastered the ‘multiplication’ part. You can usually do mass production of any quantity in Nigeria now with less than 30 days lead time. However, we are newbies in the area of ​​REPLISHMENT. The distribution system in Nigeria is still largely limited to 3-4 major markets in 3 cities, controlled by a few people who are clueless or have chosen to ignore new global realities and the imperative paradigm for global distribution. of content that includes theater premieres. , merchandising, display, webcast, stores, rentals. Walmart, without producing anything, became a world leader in solving the problem of distribution in the retail industry. They invested heavily in massive stores located in small towns and villages and then demanded a ransom from the producers with their pricing strategy. General Motors and Ford are losing the battle with Honda and Toyota in the market because while Japanese companies were busy finding more and more distribution markets in Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and even the US with cheaper cars and Faster turnaround times, American companies are caught up in their own provincial thinking, rising labor costs compared to other countries, corporate gluttony and debt that continues to hamper their multiplication and replenishment efforts.

Website design By 4. THE KEY TO SUBJUGATION- The final command that God gave them to achieve dominion was to subdue the earth. This involves a corporate strategy and alliances that subdue competitors in the marketplace and make your organization indispensable or a force to be reckoned with in your industry. Even with antitrust laws in the US, Microsoft remains the superpower in microcomputer software by systematically swallowing upstarts and disrupting their source of multiplication or replenishment. Bill Gates understood the power to subdue the competition. After grappling with the key to fertility, multiplication, and replenishment, Gates spent years cultivating the final key. For years, Bill Gates insisted that only his own operating system could be brought to the computers that wanted it. Due to Microsoft’s multiplication and replenishment capabilities, the other companies had no choice. Using the same strategy, Walmart spent years honing its replenishment skills before using the final key to market monopoly to undermine every other store in the retail business.

Website design By BotEap.comIn fact, the ‘rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer’ is actually a biblical statement! The first three keys are absolutely essential before you can apply the fourth key to dominating the market. Once the market is subdued, dominance becomes automatic. Of course, getting to the fourth key is a long way to go for most of us right now, but we can certainly start working on the first key. We all need that fresh idea and that cutting-edge fecundity that will launch us on the path to market dominance.

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