custom phone cases wholesale

custom phone cases

Phone cases are a great way to protect your mobile device from scratches and bumps. You can also customize them with your favorite photos, designs, and logos. To sell custom phone cases, you must first identify your target audience. This can be done by using social media tools or conducting customer surveys.

Phone cases are available in different shapes and sizes to fit the most popular models of smartphones. They are also a great way to add your company’s branding and designs to promote your business. If you are looking to sell your custom case on a marketplace, consider how many units you’ll need to produce and ship.

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You can use a variety of printing methods to make your wholesale phone cases more eye-catching. Screen printing uses stencils and thick inks to create colorful designs on plastic, gel, wood, and metal cases. Its disadvantages include longer production times and limited color options. Digital UV printing is another method that works well for almost all materials. Its advantages include fine details, fast production times, and a durable finish.

custom phone cases wholesale

If you’d rather not invest in equipment, you can use a print-on-demand service to create your phone cases. These services offer vetted world-class printers and provide you with a range of design tools to choose from. They also have automatic integrations with Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, BigCommerce, and Etsy.

Phone cases made of glass material are a good choice for those who want to create an eye-catching design. The glass material is durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. It is also water-resistant and scratch-resistant. It can be printed with a variety of designs, including 3D images and text. The printing and finishing of the phone case can be done by hand or with a digital tool. The finish can be frosted, matte or embossed.

The best way to sell phone cases is through a print-on-demand site like Zazzle or Shirtee. These sites take care of the manufacturing, fulfillment, and shipping for you. They offer a low-risk way to test out your design ideas and see what sells. Some of the most popular phone cases are floral, vintage, and hustle culture designs. Others are inspired by tarot cards or zodiac signs, which can appeal to a broad audience. Using a keyword search tool like KWFinder or Google Ads is another great way to find out what people are searching for.

Creating a customized phone case can be as easy as picking out an image and adding text. You can create a design with hand drawn art, use digital graphic software or have a professional designer do it for you. You can even add fine filters and stickers to make it unique. You can choose to print your designs on demand, which is more cost-effective than bulk printing. This also allows you to test out different products and make sales in the process. However, you need to understand the costs involved in shipping and storing the products.

To find a good printer, check out online directories of suppliers. Using these directories can help you avoid getting scammed. You should also record the contact details of each supplier you talk to. This can save you a lot of time. Additionally, you should look for a printing company that offers free samples. This way, you can see how your phone cases will be printed before making a commitment.

When it comes to designing a custom phone case, there are many different ways to go about it. You can include a text personalization, use fine filters and stickers to enhance your design, or add your favorite photos to create a one-of-a-kind accessory. Once your design is ready, it will be printed and inserted into the case through injection molding. The process involves injecting hot plastic into a mold base, shaping it into the correct shape, and then cooling and finishing it.

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