Physiotherapy East Sheen Offers Ergonomic Assessments For Office Workers

Physiotherapy East Sheen Offers Ergonomic Assessments

Yes, Physiotherapy East Sheen offers ergonomic assessments that are specifically designed to fit the individual needs of an employee. A physiotherapist is an ideal professional to conduct ergonomic assessments as they are well trained in the biomechanical functions of the human body and the effect that different stresses can have on it. A physiotherapist will take into account the specific job demands of the individual and how their physical capabilities match up with the tasks that they have to perform, taking into consideration any existing injuries or symptoms.

Office workers often have to spend most of their working day sat in front of computers and screens, hunched over keyboards and mouses. This can lead to poor posture, neck and shoulder strain and wrist pain. Workplace ergonomics aims to optimize the workplace environment for an individual’s physical capabilities, in order to reduce discomfort and injury. It is a good investment for any business, as the reduced risk of workplace injury leads to increased productivity and less lost time from work.

A Physiotherapy East Sheen ergonomic assessment is a thorough evaluation of the workstation set up and the individual’s ability to do their job comfortably and safely. The physiotherapist will identify the potential risks and make recommendations to reduce these hazards, including advice on any equipment that might need replacing, additional or repair. They will also advise on training the staff in any manual handling skills that might be necessary to ensure safety and reduce strain.

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Physiotherapy East Sheen Offers Ergonomic Assessments For Office Workers

Physiotherapists are also able to prescribe specific exercises to prevent and manage musculoskeletal problems, including a detailed stretches program and other rehabilitation exercises that can be done in the office. Our physiotherapists can also provide Early Symptom Intervention, which is a clinically proven program to alleviate the first signs of musculoskeletal pain and discomfort before they develop into full blown aches and pains.

Our Physiotherapists can visit your office, home or other suitable venue to treat and assess your aches and pains. They will use hands on techniques such as massage, manipulation and mobilisation to help relieve your aches and pains and to prevent them from returning. They can also use electrotherapy (ultrasound, interferential and acupuncture), rehabilitative exercises and education to help you get better faster.

Phoebe Machin has been a Physiotherapist for over 15 years and is the founder of Physit, an innovative mobile physiotherapy service. She saw how difficult it was for people with aches and pains to access the expert treatment they need because they couldn’t get to clinics or were housebound. Physit was born out of this need and now brings the physiotherapist to you, so you can get relief from those niggling aches and pains without having to leave the comfort of your own home. The Physiotherapists are state registered Chartered Physiotherapists recognised by all major health insurance companies. This means you can claim back some of the cost of your treatment.

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