Top 10 Space Saving Catering Equipment

Website design By BotEap.comIn the restaurant business and catering industry, there is a wide variety of equipment, appliances and food that enters and leaves the commercial kitchen on a daily basis. It’s no wonder space becomes a problem. Here are the top 10 space-saving catering equipment.

  1. Crockery racks. A dish rack, especially one that is mobile, is a very useful item to have in the kitchen. You can place it on the kitchen door to receive all the dishes that come back from customers and once it is full it can be transferred to the dishwasher for cleaning. Keeps dishes away from kitchen surfaces and tucked away in a corner.
  2. Dolly plate. Platter dollies have a divider that can sometimes be adjusted. It allows you to place stacks of plates and trays in this nifty unit while you can easily move it from one area to another with its wheels.
  3. Frieza box. This is a practical unit that allows you to separate food in the freezer. For example, you might have a box full of vegetables that you can easily remove from the freezer or refrigerator. At the same time, you can quickly wash the vegetables in the box.
  4. Glass box. The glass boxes are fully stackable and can hold 30 glasses. Each glass is separated from the next, which makes it ideal for transporting from one place to another.
  5. Portable ice cart. This is ideal for functions where you need ice storage, as well as easy distribution of ice from table to table. Look for an insulated ice cart that will keep the temperature cool.
  6. Ingredient containers. This is the ideal way to store ingredients in bulk. Instead of having many small containers or ingredient boxes, all packets of the same ingredient in one ingredient container. This will save space and be easier to control.
  7. Storage containers. Storage containers generally come in different sizes and are stackable. It is a great way to store food. You can color-code the packages using the lids or label them for better food management.
  8. Shelving systems. If you don’t have more storage space in the cabinets, you can install shelves on the walls. Corner shelves are quite popular, while individual shelves are also often used. You can store pots, pans, and other catering equipment on these shelves.
  9. Isolated food servers. This is ideal for transporting or moving prepared foods. Place food in containers and place on an insulated food server. It will stay hot (or cold) inside this unit. This storage solution allows you to comfortably travel to the site.
  10. Work tables. Workbenches with two or more shelves below the work surface make a comfortable work station. While preparing food, you can have all the small catering equipment and food items on the shelves below.

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