What does all SMS marketing include?

Website design By BotEap.comText message marketing is a way of reaching customers through SMS. With a web-based program, you can send bulk text messages to subscribed customers or consumers who opt for it. You can also set up campaigns where coupons are sent automatically over time, engage customers in surveys and questionnaires, or even run a giveaway contest.

Website design By BotEap.comHowever, you must be wondering what else can be done with just one medium, right? There is much more in store than meets the eye, read on to find out. Here are some additional things you can do with SMS Marketing:

  • Coupons: Send your loyal consumers or exclusive customer offers. The uniquely generated coupon codes that you send to your consumers prevent non-subscribers from taking advantage of your offer.
  • Drip campaigns: Automated messages can be sent depending on how long your customers have subscribed to them. In the context of coupons, for example, you can send a 10% discount coupon immediately after registering, a 20% coupon after 3 weeks and a 50% discount coupon after 2 months of subscribing your consumer. This runs automatically as soon as a customer signs up, so you don’t need to keep sending individual messages.
  • Poll: By texting with different keywords, your customers can now cast a vote with just the use of SMS. Most services allow you to run surveys in which you collect responses over a period of time and graph them from your online dashboard. Sounds good right?
  • Groups: You can also divide customers into groups based on the keyword they respond to, how they voted in a survey, based on their area code, and more. Targeting your customers allows you to send more targeted coupons and promotions, which is more personal and they will engage with you too.
  • Send photos and videos: Multimedia messaging service (MMS) marketing is a relatively new development where you can send photos and videos to customers. This is especially useful if you want to send a brochure or restaurant menu to a customer.
  • Location-based marketing: Send different messages to customers based on their location. For example: if a customer is in your restaurant, you can send him a text message informing him about the dish of the day or the discounts available at your restaurant.
Website design By BotEap.comAlways remember that Clients must be able to opt out at any time. Fortunately, most (if not all) text marketing services are configured this way by default. However, you will need to remind customers of the opt-out phrase, that is, “Answer STOP to opt out of receiving messages “

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