Can I Customize the Spice Level of My Jerky Subscription?

Can I Customize the Spice Level of My Jerky Subscription?

Jerky is a great gift idea for anyone who loves the taste of meat and spices. Whether they like it mild or spicy, this artisan selection of jerkies will deliver the heat for pepper lovers.

Give this subscription as a one-time gift or a monthly recurring delivery. Add a personalized note when you checkout, and we’ll include it in their package along with an email letting them know who sent it.

Inferno Box

The Inferno Box takes spicy beef jerky to the next level. It is loaded with hot and spicy jerky, starting with the sizzling habanero and ending with the hottest peppers on the planet, the Carolina Reaper. Can you handle the heat?

Before the 2016 Update, Mystery boxes cost uC to open. After the 2016 Update, the cost was reduced to 5. Inferno and Unreal Boxes now have a chance of containing vintages or exotics. These boxes also have a chance of containing the Un-Rigged Box, which is meant to troll users by cycling through all the vintages and exotics before landing on something they probably don’t want (such as the Unobtanium Mine surrounded by vintages).

Designed to be used as a deck box. The inner structure is constructed of 2.4 mm thick board, much thicker than most deck boxes on the market. It can hold 120 Standard sleeved cards and 100 Double sleeved cards. Officially Licensed Hellraiser Inferno Lament Box Prop from Trick or Treat Studios. Designed by Mark Phillips, this amazing prop is made from solid redwood and features nickel etching. Comes in a collector’s box and includes a stand for display.

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Spicy Box

For those who love a little spice in their life, this box is for you. This box features a variety of spices, herbs and blends that will add some heat to your favorite dishes. The box can be personalized to suit your own personal cooking style and palate, making it the perfect gift for someone who loves to cook or for a friend who enjoys spicy food.

A spice box is a traditional Indian kitchen item that helps to store and easily access the different spices used in day to day cooking. The box can be kept on the stove so that it is easy to grab the correct spice when you need it.

A spice box can be purchased individually, or it can be bundled with another item for a discount. For example, you can purchase a spice box with a set of 4 spices for $25. You can also select a gift message when ordering the box.

Kippered Beef Steak

The jerky lovers on your list will love these Jumbo Kippered Beef Steak snacks, which are ideal for winter snacking. These savory strips of meat are seasoned with pepper and slow smoked over wood. They’re available individually or in a 12-pack box.

Support Small-Town Artisans

Jerky subscriptions provide a way to support small-town artisans, who pour their hearts and souls into perfecting their craft. They create flavors that are unique and can’t be found at your average supermarket.

Long-Term Enjoyment

Great gifts are something that the recipient will continue to use and appreciate well into the future. With a beef jerky subscription, they’ll receive monthly shipments of exclusive artisan jerky that will remind them of how much you care.

Teriyaki Beef Jerky

Teriyaki beef jerky is an ideal snack for those who love a sweet and chewy meat. This recipe uses a cut commonly known as London broil and marinates overnight in teriyaki, soy sauce, orange juice, and honey. Adding a teaspoon of Instacure #1 or Prague powder # 1 helps tenderize the meat and extend its shelf life. The pineapple juice also adds a sweet flavor that balances out the saltiness of the soy sauce.

Bold branding, a masculine color scheme, and a handwritten-like font are a few of the elements that make this packaging design stand out from the competition. The box also features a transparent panel that shows the product inside, a great way to build trust with consumers.

Customized packaging is an essential element for a successful brand. Jerky boxes aren’t just the sidekicks that protect the food, but they also carry the joy and spirit of a brand. They can be printed with your logo and other important information, so your customers can enjoy your jerky at its best.

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