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Cocaine Blues

The song, “Cocaine Blues,” from the album by Chet Atkins is one of the most famous compositions by Chet Atkins. This track also featured prominent R&B vocalist Ivory soloing on the song. It was later covered by Aretha Franklin and others.

Another song on Atkins’ album that contains a strong cocaine blues vibe is “Hollywood Nights.” Like “Cocaine Blues,” this track also featured vocalists Ivory and Rose. The difference in the lyrics and the melody of these songs is often referred to as the difference between the Hollywood sound and the “cola sound.” Many songwriters of the time, including the great jazz vocalist, Mel Torme, were unable to decipher what exactly the differences were and struggled to make the lyrics and the music sound coherent. However, with the addiional vocals and the slightly slower pace, the cocaine habit blues could finally be identified.

There are many other songs from Chet Atkins’ album that feature a similar sound to the cocaine blues. Among those that frequently appear on lists of great songs featuring an irresistible “hot” whiff of cocaine is “Blue Moon of Kentucky,” “Where Have All The Flowers Gone,” and “You Are My Sunshine.” Another one of these songs, “Blue Moon of Kentucky,” is often known as the most famous song by the band and has even reached number one on the American radio station, WLS Radio, in both of its versions (with the slow version becoming the station’s all time favorite). The slow bluesy sound that comes from this recording is often known as the “classical guitar sound.”

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Not only did this song to reach the top of the chart, but it remains a fixture in the hearts and minds of those who love the traditional song. It is widely considered the first “blue southern” song. The title “Blue Moon of Kentucky” is a reference to the famous southern kookies who would gather in front of the house at night to dance away the night away, enjoying this potent concoction known as cocaine.

While ninety-nine years ago the cocaine blues were recorded in New Orleans, it is still easy to find them today on the internet. One of the most notable versions is a recording entitled “Blue Moon of Kentucky.” This recording was made by Louis Priscilla in early June of 1924. On this recording, he utilizes a ten-string acoustic guitar along with his slide while narrating some of the stories behind each of the songs listed.

Today, the original recorded version can be found among the best collections being made available for people who want to experience the powerful cravings that come with the cocaine habit blues. These recordings make great gifts for those who would like to give their loved ones a history lesson in the history of the cocaine blues. You can find them online at various websites. If you enjoy listening to the old time music, you will probably find something within your price range to interest you when it comes to this one of a kind recording.

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