Best Cosmetic Injectables Course

The best cosmetic injectables courses offer a combination of small class sizes, an esteemed reputation (validated with public reviews), and reasonable costs. This trifecta is what will take your aesthetic clinic success to the next level. When evaluating a training program, the most important factor to consider is that the instructors are licensed health care professionals. It is also a good idea to check that they are actual providers who have successfully used these products in their practices for years.

The course curriculum should also include a comprehensive list of topics and demonstrations. These should include but not be limited to: In addition to providing hands-on practical training, the program should cover both modalities of botulinum toxin and dermal fillers. The course should also provide instruction on the use of other non-invasive procedures such as PRP and Kybella. It should also cover the proper selection of patients and the consultation process.

Whether you are an RN, NP, MD, PA or Dentist, the right injection certification can open up new opportunities to enhance your professional career and patient outcomes. As the number of requests for these treatments continues to rise, obtaining the proper training will allow you to add additional services to your practice and grow your client base.

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How to Find the Best Cosmetic Injectables Course

While many aesthetic training courses advertise the ability to teach you to perform injectables, not all are created equal. Adding cosmetic injectables to your skill set requires a great deal of time and practice to master the techniques and build a portfolio. It is essential to enroll in a cosmetic injectables course that offers hands-on experience with the products and provides guidance in developing your own unique style of treatment.

One of the top-rated cosmetic injector training programs is Empire Medical Training, which is run by physicians and features a hands-on lab. This highly rated program offers a wide range of services including sclerotherapy, dermal fillers, platelet-rich plasma and more. The company’s instructors have a combined total of over 18 years of experience in the industry and they are known for their commitment to quality education and support after graduation.

Another top-rated cosmetic injector course is InjectAbility Clinic, which has a small class size and an in-person workshop for each course. They offer hands-on training on neurotoxins and dermal fillers, including the popular numbing creams and a variety of other procedures. This company is endorsed by the International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine and boasts an excellent online student resource center.

Aesthetic nurses are in high demand and the field of cosmetic nursing continues to grow at a rapid pace. Adding this type of training to your professional portfolio can help you find a new job in the medical spa or at a physician’s office, earn more money with current clients, and expand your overall aesthetic nursing portfolio. However, before you decide to invest in a training program, it is important to choose the right cosmetic injector certification. Taking shortcuts with a low-quality course could result in costly mistakes for both you and your clientele.

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