6 small steps for content writers who are going through a bad phase in their personal life

Website design By BotEap.comContent writing and personal crisis! Ah, this may be the worst combination of all. Sounds very familiar, doesn’t it?

Website design By BotEap.comOur professional life is walled between agonies and personal crises; bad breakups, divorces, loss of loved ones, etc. A bad stage in personal life undoubtedly takes its toll on our professional life.

Website design By BotEap.comOne of the professions most affected by this type of crisis is that of content writer. You can be a web content writer, ad writer, technical writer, blog writer, or travel writer. You are in a profession that gives centrality to creativity and the ability to devise. You may find it difficult to fully dedicate yourself to content writing or creative writing as your headspace is taken up with personal concerns.

Website design By BotEap.comColleagues at your workplace may be understanding at first. But if these personal concerns take a lifetime to resolve, they may feel a little uncomfortable with you. Trust me, they’re not being mean; they mean business. They have content writing projects queued up to be turned in.

Website design By BotEap.comDo these questions haunt you?

  1. Do I have to ditch my dreams of becoming an expert SEO content writer or the leader of a technical writing team?
  2. Will the content writing projects piled up on my desk go unattended?
Website design By BotEap.comOr at its worst

  1. Should I end my career as a copywriter or blog writer?
  2. Are those travel writings I enjoyed the most gone forever?
Website design By BotEap.comThe answer is no! You can pick up where he left off in his career as a content writer. He can even use the insights he gained through these personal crises to improve his copywriting and content writing skills. For that what you have to do is very simple; hence they are called baby steps (BS).

Website design By BotEap.comBS 1: Don’t be hard on yourself: Blaming or punishing yourself for what happened cannot help you with your life or your writing career. The first step is to get out of denial mode and embrace self-acceptance. What is happening is happening. Acceptance is the only practical way out of “stuck situations.”

Website design By BotEap.comBS 2: Set your goals: With self-acceptance comes goals. This means that you need to establish certain dos and don’ts for your content writing career. For example, set a goal to write a certain number of words, no matter what. This helps to keep your spirits up and motivation.

Website design By BotEap.comBS 3: Try new things: You heard me right: try new things every day in your life, both professionally and personally. Novelty enhances creativity. For example, if you’re a web content writer but have never tried blogging, try writing a small blog post for yourself. If your project leader asks you to try something you’ve never tried before, don’t panic. Take the decisive step!

Website design By BotEap.comBS 4: keep busy, set aside time for yourself: Set yourself small goals, continuously. For example: “At 11:30 I will finish the first part of writing the article” and “At 2:45 I will send the case study to my project leader” “I will read 10 pages of this novel before going to bed.” At night, choose three novels and start reading them. Write these goals down and post them on your cabinet, bedroom wall, and kitchen.

Website design By BotEap.comBS 5: Keep a journal: Go to the nearest bookstore, buy yourself a newspaper or a newspaper. This should be small so that you can fit it in your pocket or bag. Doodle everything that comes to mind. Later, when you’ve calmed down, go through those writings and turn them into personal blog posts. Keep writing. Simple or dumb, keep writing.

Website design By BotEap.comBS 6: Reward yourself: Go on a “me date” if you achieve a goal you set for yourself. Get yourself some fudge or go to a coffee shop and enjoy a steaming cup of coffee reading a book. Cover yourself carefully. With these six simple steps you can get out of the impasse you are in right now in your career as a content writer.

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