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When it comes to wedding gambling you always look for high win rates and a low player percentage to qualify for a wedding casino hire. However, the terms are very different when it comes to wedding gambling. So, what are the differences between wedding gambling and wedding casino hire prices?

Wedding Casino Hire Rates Wedding casino hire prices for UK casinos vary from location to location but you will usually find that wedding games like slots, video poker, blackjack and baccarat tend to be more expensive than many other wedding games. The minimum deposit required for most wedding casino hire prices includes a wedding dress or tuxedo for a male or a formal ladies’ evening outfit. This deposit may not include the booking fee for the room or breakfast. If you require a lot of spending money on your wedding then you can save by pre-booking your room and paying for the full deposit as you go.

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Wedding Entertainment If your wedding is to be a fun event then why not book some fun casino hire prices in your local casinos. For wedding entertainment consider hiring a band and maybe even hire a guitar player. An Elvis impersonator can make for a lively afternoon of fun casino entertainment. You could even send Elvis impersonators to your wedding as part of a surprise wedding entertainment show! Hiring a hired Elvis impersonator will cost you less than hiring a professional Elvis impersonator yourself.

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New Player Welcome Bonuses If your wedding is held at a hotel or other venue that offers a casino gaming experience, you may want to consider new player welcome bonuses offered by the caterers. Most reputable caterers will offer new player welcome bonuses for the first few hours of your stay. These welcome bonuses are designed to help new players feel welcome to the venue and to help accommodate their spending habits. Many casinos also offer a welcome bonus when the newlywed couple deposits money onto their wedding credit card.

Wedding Reception Food & Beverages It is common practice for wedding receptions to include food and beverages. Some venues offer special pre-booked dishes and drinks to attract new players and to encourage them to stay longer. These pre-booked options are generally cheaper than they would be if you booked your own catering service. The same applies for wedding reception entertainment.

To save even more money you can always hire your own bartenders and wait staff for the duration of your stay. Most casinos have wait staffs that are happy to work the crowd into a dancing frenzy for minimal charge. The best way to locate these is by reading recent reviews on the internet or talking to friends who have been to the venue you are interested in. If you are hiring a wedding casino for an out of state wedding, it may not be practical to read reviews of the local resorts on the internet. Instead contact the staff of the resort and ask for recommended waiters and bartenders, ask them for references from their friends, and talk to their family and friends about the quality of the service provided.

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