High Speed Industrial Inkjet Printer

The X6 High Speed Industrial Inkjet Printer is a continuous inkjet printer, with the capability of printing at high speeds from any direction and orientation. This printer is often installed on filling or packaging machines, for instance. The nozzle of the X6 is designed to propel ink droplets toward the substrate. The electrode plate gives them an electrical charge and controls how the ink goes into the printhead.

The X6 high-speed industrial digital inkjet printer has a very high utilization rate and a low ink loss. It uses Gigabit network data transmission to ensure stability. It also uses a high-intensity UV-LED lamp for fast curing. The X6 High Speed Industrial Inkjet Printer is easy to maintain and has an unobstructed road for ink jetting.

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The X6 high speed inkjet printer is equipped with a unique patented print head design that ensures excellent quality at high speed. Its nozzle is protected from being blocked by air, while the positive pressure is used to clean the printhead every day. The X6’s patent-designed print head has a higher utilization rate and a lower ink loss. These are just a few of the advantages of this Industrial Inkjet Printer.

AROJET X6 High Speed Industrial Inkjet Printer

X6 High Speed Industrial Inkjet Printer is designed to work in high-throughput environments. The printhead’s speed is critical when the process is fast and continuous. The speed of the printhead, along with the drying time, is required for the printhead to be able to keep up with the high speed. A quality piezoelectric print head also makes it easy to maintain. This Industrial Inkjet Printer is made of durable plastics, and can withstand rough handling and long use.

Its UV-LED lamp enables fast ink curing. The UV-LED lamp can provide a high-quality print. The compact design of this industrial Inkjet Printer allows it to be easily mounted on filling machines and packaging machines. Its inkjet print head has a long lifespan and is easy to maintain. Its inkjet printer’s unique features make it an excellent choice for different industries.

The AROJET industrial Inkjet Printer uses a UV ink for its printing. Its UV ink offers solvent-free, fast drying, and good glossy and water resistance. Its single-color, UV-DOD inkjet technology offers an unmatched range of flexibility and serviceability for a high-speed industrial inkjet printer. It is ideal for mailers and other industries that require industrial inkjet printing.

The SP-9800 is an economical and compact industrial inkjet printer that can be used in a variety of industries. The Mx1880 CIJ Printer uses a piezoelectric material to print. The piezoelectric material is then subjected to an electric field. The result is a change in the volume of ink channels. With multiple channels, the SP-9800 can print on a variety of surfaces, including textiles.

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