What Are the Most Popular Options For Student Accommodation in Cambridge?

Most Popular Options For Student Accommodation in Cambridge

The city of Cambridge is home to some of the world’s most prestigious higher education establishments. It is a small city with a friendly, family-feel and, due to this, it attracts lots of students and visitors. This results in a vibrant social scene and an abundance of things to do and see.

It is possible to rent cheap Cambridge student accommodation, as long as you know where to look. The area of Romsey and Chesterton are both popular with students and offer a wide range of flats, house shares and studio apartments. Student properties in these areas can cost less than £200 per week and are a short bus ride or bike ride from the city centre.

Student houses and flats in the city are located all around the university campus, with most being within walking or cycling distance of departments. Some Colleges also have their own Cambridge student accommodation, which is often in a separate building on the campus. The majority of students will live in their College for three years (with the exception of those on year abroad courses), which means that they will be guaranteed a place in College-owned student accommodation.

Students who want to rent cheap student housing in the city may also find good deals in the Histon and Arbury areas. A typical student property in the area of Histon costs around £161 per week and includes an en-suite bedroom, storage space, modern kitchen and a communal lounge. It is close to the University of Anglia and has excellent transport links with the city centre.

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What Are the Most Popular Options For Student Accommodation in Cambridge?

Another option is the newly built development called The Railyard, which offers high-spec flats with an open plan living and dining space. It is a great option for students who prefer to be able to socialise with friends and is a short walk from the city centre and Anglia Ruskin University.

There are also many studio apartments in the area of Cambridge that offer high-spec facilities for students. These include large windows, modern kitchens and en-suite bathrooms. Some also come with a balcony or private garden. Some of these are available for students who want to pay an extra fee for unfurnished accommodation, which is usually cheaper.

Well-equipped facilities and amenities are crucial for creating a comfortable and supportive living environment for students. Modernized living spaces with reliable internet connectivity, study areas, common rooms, and laundry facilities contribute to a productive academic experience. Access to fitness centers, sports facilities, and recreational spaces promotes a healthy lifestyle and provides opportunities for physical activity and social interaction. Additionally, amenities such as on-site cafeterias or kitchens enable students to prepare their meals conveniently, fostering independence and healthy eating habits.

The city is well-served by a network of buses that run between the different campuses and the city centre. There are a number of different bus companies, including Stagecoach, which provides regular and reliable services. There is also the Route U, a subsidised bus service provided by the University of Cambridge that runs between the different colleges and the city centre.

The city of Cambridge has a great nightlife to choose from, with over 100 pubs and several nightclubs. There is also a great selection of restaurants, ranging from traditional British to international cuisines. The town has a very active music scene, with many venues hosting a variety of bands and genres. Two of the most popular are Vinyl and Lola Lo, both of which are ideal for a fun night out with friends.

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